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5 Tips for a Financially Successful Marriage

I have found, as well as many of you are probably experiencing yourselves, that handling your money on a day to day basis can be extremely stressful, not to mention irritating. When my husband and I were forced to combine finances upon getting married, we easily learned a lot of about each others spending habits. […]

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Part Time Job or Part Time Business?

I am reading Dave Ramsey’s book EntreLeadership and in the book he discusses the topic of whether or not someone who is looking to earn additional income should get a part time job or start a part time business. The answer really depends on the urgency of the need for income. If you need income […]

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Buy Term & Invest the Difference?

Perhaps you’ve heard this old saying as it relates to life insurance.  The idea behind it was that someone could buy term life insurance for much lower monthly payments that permanent life insurance and invest the difference the payments elsewhere.  In reality this doesn’t work for two reasons. First, buying term life insurance is simply […]

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