Hi, I am Anthony and I am passionate about money because it impacts all of us AND I have quite a history with it (both good and bad). I was born with ADD, although they didn’t call it that when I was younger.  Because of that, I have had a wide variety of interests which led me to start many businesses in my lifetime. Some have been more successful than others and some have been total failures. The one common factor in all of them is that money was involved; either flowing in or flowing out.

My background includes both working in the digital marketing space and the finance space, and I have been blessed to use both of these skill sets together. I started selling real estate at the age of 22 because a friend had been successful doing it. Boy was that an eye opener. He eventually hired me to help run his real estate development company and I continued to learn the business. I ultimately became his VP of Project Management and went on to do my first “no money down” real estate deal with his help at the age of 25.

When the Internet became a thing, I dove in headfirst and built my first website from scratch in 1999 (before WordPress was around… and yes, now I am dating myself) 🙂 After building that site and seeing that no one was visiting, I went on to learn this thing called SEO (search engine optimization) and started to get visitors to my website. Some of them actually spent money at my website which was cool because I had a day job and this was just a side hustle. People started asking me for help and that led to starting an SEO Company which I ultimately sold in 2003 (and is still in business today). After selling my company I decided to get back into real estate because I had sign a non compete, the mortgage business was booming, and I knew how to market. It was one of the best financial decisions I made because I did very well, making more money that I ever had before (I had the all desired “6 figure income”).

As a mortgage lender, I saw lots of people with bad credit being taken advantage of, which led me to write a book called The Bankruptcy Mortgage Book to help consumers restore their credit and become homeowners after suffering a bankruptcy or foreclosure.

As an expert in the field of finance, I have had the privilege of being featured in many media stories and as a guest writer. Here are a few of the sites where I have been featured:

Here is what I am passionaite about helping people with in the financial arena:

  • Getting their personal or business budget under control
  • Earning more money (or keep more of what they earn)
  • Getting out of debt faster
  • Reducing “wealth transfers” such as interest and taxes
  • Protecting their financial assets
  • Buying, Selling, or Investing in Real Estate
  • Taking control of their financial future.
  • Helping people get out of their timeshares when they are ready (or feel stuck)
  • Helping companies offer benefits without it being a financial or HR burden
  • Discussing the Pros and Cons of Business loans
  • Not outliving their retirement
  • And yes, if you want to talk about digital marketing, I am certainly up for that as well 🙂

If you have financial questions, I’d love to chat with you. I have an amazing team of experts that I collaborate with, so I can typically point you to someone who can help you if I can’t. I want to let you know that I am not a Certified Financial Planner or Investment Advisor, and if you need one of those I can certainly refer you to one as I know many who are amazing. I am however a licensed real estate agent and I work with a nationwide network of agents, so I am always glad to make referrals to an expert in your area.

You can reach me by using the contact form on this site or emailing me at anthony-at-fiscallysound.com.

Wishing you success in every area of life!


Inspiring readers to earn, grow, and save money, retire early and never stop side hustling!