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7 of the Most Overlooked Tax Deductions

Throughout the complexities of the Internal Revenue Code, there are deductions available for many individuals. Most people are aware of the common deductions; such as home mortgage interest, property taxes, charitable donations, etc. There are other deductions, however, that could be applicable to many taxpayers but few people are aware even exist. Here 7 deductions […]

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Can You Claim the Home Office Deduction?

A growing number of Americans are working at home these days. In our increasingly digitized society, it is far easier to conduct business without the need for a central meeting place. For this reason, those who are employees use home offices as well as start-up entrepreneurs. In the past, it was widely believed that claiming […]

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How Owning a Home Can Lower Your Tax Burden

All things being equal, owning a house is generally preferable to renting. If your monthly mortgage payment is about the same as the rent payment for a similar property, then you are building up equity with each mortgage payment you make. In addition, if the housing market in your area appreciates over time (which it […]

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What is Tax Deductible When I Own a Home?

Home ownership is a big step that comes with many changes and new responsibilities. While there is nothing better than having a home, some adjustments need to be made in order to manage your new home properly. Perhaps the biggest change is you are now paying a monthly payment to a mortgage company rather than […]

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