A Simple Way to Save Money on Online Purchases

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Do you use discount codes or promo codes when you shop online? Often a vendor will run a promotion with a discount or coupon code to entice people to do business with them. These codes usually offer some sort of percentage off or in some cases free shipping.  If you get one in the mail or via email, that’s often enough to motivate you to go check out a new site, especially if it’s for something you want, need, or were planning on spending money on.

But what if you don’t have a coupon code? What is one to do? Sometimes, all you need to do it ask.You can email the company and ask if they have any special offers or promo codes (I have had people do it to me, so I know it works.).  Or you can simply do a Google search for the company (or website) and the word “promo code” or “discount code” and you will find the (unknown to many) world of coupon codes. I have to warn you that you will find websites with outdated codes and you might even find some old neglected website that have been hacked so make sure your anti virus software is up to date (I recommend ESET.)

With one company that I do lots of business with, I have saved over $300 in a year just by using coupon codes. I am sure they don’t mind because they know I could go elsewhere and get the same thing for less.

Happy Shopping!

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