The Five Best Resources for Coupon Savings

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Who doesn’t love to save money? And let’s face it, with the uncertainty of today’s volatile and global market, it never hurts to have a few extra dollars tucked away in the old mattress. But where are the best places to find great savings?

Take a look below and I will share the secret to extreme savings:

  • Online:Yes, some of the best places to find savings can be right at your fingertips, I’m talking about sites where you can find Coupons and about anything on your list and much reduced cost and great savings. Everyday items like office supplies, vitamins and clothing are not only budget friendly but sometimes include additional savings like free shipping. Log on and see for yourself.
  • Sunday, Sunday: It’s true; this old standby still offers those savings most consumers expect to find while perusing their local paper. Grab that trusty binder, a pair of sharp scissors and get clipping.
  • The Product: On most products, the company’s manufacturing or corporate address is listed as a source of information. I once wrote a letter to a juice company to query about its pasteurization process and with their reply was a $2 off coupon! Wow, great PR and great additional savings for me!
  • At the Grocery Store: Yes, after you make your purchase (no doubt using your coupons) don’t forget about that trusty little coupon that comes out with your receipt. Chances are most people don’t bother to take these with them; hence the over-flooded garbage can directly next to the register, but their loss is your gain.
  • Savings/Membership cards: Many times grocery/department stores offer additional savings cards when you shop at their stores. The great benefit about these are that they don’t require you to register and pay money for them, they are free and since you are there shopping it would be foolish not to have one. The next time you are at a store, ask an associate about what type of savings program they offer, you might be surprised by the answer. After all, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Well, there it is. Five ways to save big while you’re doing your regular shopping. The only difference between you and your consumer counterpart is that you are leaving the store with your purchases and a few extra dollars in your pocket.

About The Author
Morgan Wright is a stay at home mother of two and a freelance writer. Through her writing, she helps other mothers find the best available coupons (see Definitive Deals for amazing coupons!) Apart from writing, Morgan enjoys perfecting her drive at the nearest golf course.


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