Are You in the Debt Free Club?

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Debt is bad; plain and simple. I have been on a mission to get out of debt, and I joined the Debt Free Club to put it out there publicly. Funny thing, I had started this blog post back in October when I joined, but somehow it fell off of my radar to post. Why is it funny? Well, my wife and I certainly wanted to be out of debt, and we were paying off our debts, but we honestly were not fully accountable to our budget, and we really were not working in unison to maximize our debt reduction.  We recently started Financial Peace University Online and after the first class, we were really on track. We became accountable to our budget, fixed it where it needed fixing, and we are not only on track to pay off more debt, but to accrue more savings faster.

If you want to get out of debt, I encourage you to do three things:

1. Join the Debt Free Club (it’s free!)

2. Enroll in Financial Peace University if you have not already. If time is an issue, you can do it online. And you will be accountable to complete it, because it’s not an open ended class. You have just 16 weeks to complete it.

3. Comment below to let us know you are joining the debt free revolution!

Happy debt busting!

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