Where is the Best Place to Buy a Car Battery?

In my experience it’s none other than Walmart.  That is, assuming that you have a Walmart with a car care center. My first experience with Walmart’s auto service was when my wife and I were moving across the country and broke down in front of a Walmart that had a service center. We were first […]

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Giving to Charities: What You Need to Know

This article may upset any charities that are not running well, but after reading an article called The 20 Worst Charities in America I felt compelled to discuss the issue. I want to start my saying I am a big believer in giving.  I am thankful that my parents taught me how to give by […]

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The True Value of Saving Money

A while back when I was embarking on a money saving journey, something came to mind.  I realized that when I saved money, it was actually worth more than what I had saved due to the tax savings. Recently, I canceled a service that I don’t use. Technically, I suspended it because they talked me […]

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