Giving to Charities: What You Need to Know

This article may upset any charities that are not running well, but after reading an article called The 20 Worst Charities in America I felt compelled to discuss the issue. I want to start my saying I am a big believer in giving.  I am thankful that my parents taught me how to give by […]

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The True Value of Saving Money

A while back when I was embarking on a money saving journey, something came to mind.  I realized that when I saved money, it was actually worth more than what I had saved due to the tax savings. Recently, I canceled a service that I don’t use. Technically, I suspended it because they talked me […]

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3 Proven Ways to Improve Your Business Cash Flow

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses is cash flow.  Mastering this facet of business can mean the difference between success and failure. Without proper planning, business owners and managers are often left scrambling and end up making rash decisions such as laying off key personnel in an effort to stay afloat. Here are three […]

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