Stock Alert! Buy Verizon, Sell Apple

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Not really. I don’t give stock advice and I don’t condone gambling – which is what I consider playing the stock market to be.  Today, I did read an article which soft or eluded to the fact that the iPhone will finally be available on the Verizon network soon (which I will welcome).  I imagine this could have an effect on stock prices, but frankly, I won’t be watching because I don’t play the market anymore.

Did you know there is a way to actually minimize your losses in the stock market? By implementing the Infinite Banking Concept in your personal financial strategy, you can actually gamble with the money you accrue and still have it grow.  If you win in the markets, it’s a double win. If you lose, it doesn’t hurt as much as if you are using your hard earned savings.

If you play the markets, you owe it to yourself to learn how to apply Infinite Banking strategies to your investment planning.

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