14 Items You Can Save Money on at The Dollar Store

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If you are anything like me, you enjoy a good deal. Now, I have learned what things to not try to save on, and much of that I havedollar store shopping learned from trial and error. From time to time I visit the dollar store and over the years, I have been surprised at some of the things I find there that are of reasonable quality. On a side note, I am also often tempted to ask how much something costs. ☺

Here is a list of items that you might not think of finding at the dollar store. Hopefully, this helps save a few bucks in your monthly budget that you can allocate to savings.

Greeting Cards. Cards have gotten expensive over the years. A nice Hallmark card can cost upwards of $8 or more. I have found decent cards at the dollar store, and most recently they are 2 for a dollar ($0.50).

Candy. I like to buy candy for my candy dishes at the dollar store. In particular, I get the starlight mints, which my wife and I also keep in our cars. They carry many brand name candies as well, although I will say that sometimes you will find a smaller quantity in some packages.

Gift Accessories. The dollar store can be a great place to buy gift bags, bows, wrapping paper, and tissue paper. Helium Balloons. Many dollar stores carry helium balloons, which can cost several dollars at the grocery store or a party store.

Kitchen Items. If you are looking for low cost kitchen utensils for an office or camping, check out the dollar store. Additionally, some dollar stores will have a wide variety of disposable baking pans in a variety of shapes and sizes. Lastly, you can even find glassware and plates for your starter home.

Holiday Decorations. Regardless of the holiday, you are sure to find holiday decorations at the dollar store. One thing in particular I recall buying is Christmas gift boxes.

Food. I have seen frozen food as well as snack foods at the dollar store. I will say that much of it is highly processed food, so it’s not what I would typically buy or recommend. I have also seen non perishables such as spices or sauces at the dollar store, as well as juices, sodas (also not a fan of), and water.

Toiletries. You can find a wide variety of toiletries at the dollar store including toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash, hair care products, and much more.

Cleaning Supplies. You should be able to find a wide variety of cleaning supplies including sponges, rags, scouring pads, detergents, dish soap, and other cleaners at the dollar store. These items are typically a bit more costly at the grocery store, so you might consider seeking these out at the local dollar store.

Food Storage. We often purchase plastic sandwich bags, plastic wrap, and aluminum foil from the dollar store. On my most recent trip to the dollar store, I noticed that they were selling brand plastic food storage containers as well.

A few additional product categories that you can find great dollar store deals on are:

  • School / Office Supplies
  • Party Supplies Storage
  • Bins and Containers
  • Games & Toys

Hopefully, you can check out your local dollar store and find ways to reduce your monthly spending by adding the dollar store to your shopping routine.

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