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Did you know that you can take Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University online? I didn’t but my wife happened to find it and mention it, so we are Financial Peacenow enrolled. I have to tell you we are enjoying it.  I had resisted taking the course for many years because I thought I knew better.  I have been a financial coach and have helped many people with financial issues.  I later saw others that I respected in the financial industry taking the course, so I figured I was missing something.  My wife and had a budget and I have a decent understanding of personal finances, but I looked at Dave Ramsey and said “well, I am not where he is, so I guess I should listen to him.”

As we took a hard look at our finances, we realized that although we had a budget, we did not have any accountability to our budget. In fact, when we looked at how far off we were in our eating out budget in a certain month, we were a bit surprised. Of course, we have recently realized that eating out is far more harmful to you than just financially in light of what the FDA allows to be put in food (first GMO”s and Arsenic being the latest admission), but I digress.

I am looking forward to this next journey of becoming more fiscally sound, and best of all, my wife is excited to be on this journey with me. We have found ways to have fun with it, for example, we used to have a “spending allowance” but when it ran out, we just used the debit card. Now we are using envelopes, and I make it a goal to not spend what’s in my envelope so I can develop my own private savings stash  (and I hope she doesn’t find it!)

If you have put off attending Financial Peace University (FPU), now you don’t have an excuse. And if this has been helpful in getting you on board, I’d love to hear from you (you can just leave a comment below.)

Have a great day and look forward to my FPU updates.

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