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Making Saving Money a Family Affair

Kids learn about money from a young age mostly by watching how their parents interact with money. It’s crucial that married couples are on the same page with regard to finances, as this will allow them to mutually reach their financial goals quicker. And for those with kid, they are watching you and listening to […]

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A Tactic to Fast Track To Your Savings Goals

When you find yourself with extra income or financial wins, do you save or do you “reward yourself”? Depending on where you are in your budget, perhaps more money means you make your budget. Hopefully, more money means you can accelerate your savings. As a part of the America Saves Week campaign, I want to […]

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Do You Have a Rainy Day Fund?

Your first thought might be, “what is a rainy day fund?” When I first heard the term that was my thought. In fact, I thought it was another word for an emergency fund. Some people do use the term synonymously with an emergency fund, but technically there is a difference. An emergency fund is ideally […]

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Do You Spend More Money With Amazon Prime?

Somehow, I think that using Amazing Prime costs more money because you see “free shipping” and actually spend more money. Today, I saw a DVD that I wanted on sale in a Facebook post. My first thought wasn’t “what’s the cost” it was, “hey, I get free shipping” 🙂 It really is a great program though […]

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The Five Best Resources for Coupon Savings

Who doesn’t love to save money? And let’s face it, with the uncertainty of today’s volatile and global market, it never hurts to have a few extra dollars tucked away in the old mattress. But where are the best places to find great savings? Take a look below and I will share the secret to […]

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