Save 50-80% Without Extreme Couponing (Free eBook)

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Personal Note: I found Tim’s ebook on couponing to be very well balanced and rather than me just sharing, I asked him to share a bit about couponing and he graciously agreed. Even better, he is still offering a free copy of the book.

If you’re frustrated with increasing food prices and shrinking portion sizes, you don’t have to sit back helplessly.  With the coupon strategy known as ‘stacking’ you can take back your grocery budget and save upwards of 50-80%!  Don’t worry, you won’t turn into one of those extreme couponing shoppers who buy 100 bottles of BBQ sauce and get it all for free.  That’s just wasteful.  You will learn how to build a 2-3 month supply of the things you actually use and save 50-80% at the same time!

The eBook How to Coupon is a guide that shares our journey to saving thousands of dollars each year by maximizing the way we use coupons.  No more cringing at the checkout lane.  No more buying the cheap stuff because that’s all you can afford.  You’ll have the freedom to buy brand name items for pennies on the dollar.

So what are you waiting for?  Watch this video to see how you can save thousands of dollars each year and be sure to download the book How to Coupon.  It’s only available to the first 500 people, so check it out today – you’ll be glad you did.

About The Author
Tim is a personal finance writer at Faith and Finance a Christian financial help blog that provides financial insights for individuals, businesses, and churches. He and his wife are the author of the eBook How to Coupon.  Find him on Twitter and Facebook.


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