Got Ink? How to Get Paid for Your Ink Cartridges

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This might be a no brainer, but I am sure someone out there is throwing money away by throwing away ink cartridges. You might be having them refilled or doing it yourself, but I have not had much success with that.  For a long time, I took advantage of the Staples rewards program, where they would give you $3 for every ink cartridge that you turned in (as a store credit.)  This worked fine, since there is always something to buy… like more ink. 🙂 Staples eventually lowered the price to $2, and while free money is free money, you might as well get as much of it as possible. It turns out that Office Max was paying $3 for each cartridge, so I am now a fan of Office Max. They have earned much of my business just by paying me for my ink cartridges. I bought 3 ink cartridges today and paid for part of the bill with my ink credits, which is what prompted me to share this info.

If you are one of those who simply won’t do it for whatever reason, at least offer them to some one you know who might be willing to pick them up from you.

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