What Crazy Frugal Habits Do You Have?

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Do you ever find yourself doing silly things that others might find crazy in the name of being frugal? I know I do and it’s usually not about money as much as it is just the satisfaction of the act.

This morning, I experienced one of these as I was looking at the near empty tube of toothpaste. I don’t have the cool little twister tool, that would make it too easy and take the fun out of it. I did enjoy getting yet another use out of it, and perhaps will see how many more I can get out of it. If you can’t have fun brushing your teeth, you are taking life too seriously.

Another one of mine is shopping at thrift stores & yard sales. It’s like a treasure hunt, and of course, it’s not that crazy… as long as you don’t become obsessed with it. I just get so much internal joy out of knowing that I paid pennies for something that I might have otherwise paid a lot more for. My most recent exciting “score” was an Ionic Breeze air purifier that I paid $5 for at a yard sale. It’s worked like a charm for at least a year now, and I might not have otherwise spent the money on one.

I am sure I have many more, but I thought I’d start the party by mentioning this one. I’d love to hear from others.

Have a great day… because you can!


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