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Our friends at Financial Highway are having another contest. It’s pretty simple to enter too, just visit their site and enter your tip in the comments section for a chance to win $500. There are several other ways you can earn additional entries to the $500 Financial Highway giveaway, sponsored by Life Insurance Finder – the easiest place to compare life insurance quotes – which you will see on the site. Just as Ray (@ Financial Highway) did, I will share my top 5 money saving tips. He shared a few that I liked, so I won’t duplicate his.

1. Yard Sales. I actually enjoy yard sales because I love getting good deals. My latest find? An Ionic Breeze air purifier which sells anywhere from $140 used to $340 new, which I paid $5 for. I was really skeptical that it would even work, but months later it still does a great job.

2. Goodwill. As I said, I love bargains. My latest Goodwill find? A flat screen monitor for $18. It’s for my home office, so only my wife would see it anyhow. That’s a win for me.

3. Dollar Stores. You will find some great deals here, but some things you definitely should not buy from a dollar store. We buy name brand products such as toothpaste &  hand lotion, and also keep the candy jar filled with mints from the candy aisle. Oh yeah, and greeting cards. Just yesterday my wife was in line at Joann’s and said she had 5 cards that totaled $25. She went to the dollar store and got 2 for $1, so that was a huge savings (it’s nice when your spouse is on the same page like that.)

4. Splitting meals. Most restaurants give portions large enough to split.  Last night my wife and I went to dinner and split a steak salad. Her comment was “who could eat all of that anyhow?” Funny part is that I tool my half home because I just “had to have” that coconut shrimp appetizer (which wasn’t so good after all.) For more dining out tips, check out the blog post I wrote on how to save money while eating out.

5. Rewards Programs. I will lump these into one category, but my first thought was my Office Max rewards club. I love getting those rebate checks and going to the store without pulling out my credit card. Grocery stores have their own clubs, where you just carry your card or provide the phone number on file to get your discount. If you shop and don’t take advantage of these programs, you are leaving money on the table!

I could certainly give you more, but I encourage you to check out the contest and see what others are sharing to get some more great ideas!

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