Life Assurance vs. Life Insurance

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Many people put off purchasing life insurance because they somehow feel that it will bring about the investable sooner.  The sad reality is that because of this, many leave their loves ones without even the money to bury them. According to a J.D Power article, and estimated 40% of Americans have no life insurance and over 50 million Americans lack sufficient life insurance.

What if you learned that the true benefit of having life insurance is not to leave money when you die, but to have money while you are alive? Well, it’s true! There are specific types of insurance policies that allow you to build a “personal banking fund” that you can borrow from and the later pull out money in your retirement years and still provide a death benefit for your loved ones.  Sadly, many insurance agents and financial advisors simply do not offer the types of insurance products for a few reasons.  The most common reasons are:

a) They can only offer certain insurance products from their company

b) It is more profitable to sell other types of insurance

c) They may not have been educated fully to understand how these policies work.

So, if the thought of having “assurance” that you had a financial vehicle that would allow you to finance your purchases & debts, provide for retirement income, and provide security for your family, wouldn’t you be inclined to want to add that to your financial plan?

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