Home Improvement Projects for a Faster Home Sale

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Home sales are picking up in many parts of the country. Areas hit hard by the Great Recession of 2008 such as Arizona and Florida are doing particularly well. Nevertheless, even with buyer interest on the rise, it still helps to make some home improvements to make your house more attractive and sell your home more quickly. Home Improvement Project

Here are three fast and affordable ways to upgrade your home and put it in top selling condition:

Take Care of the Small Stuff: Selling a house is not really the time to make major home renovations. Though they might make the home look prettier, it is questionable whether you will receive a return on your investment. In the meantime, it will cost you time and energy to make these renovations. Instead, go through the home and make a list of all the little flaws that need to be fixed and take care of them. Out-of-pocket costs will vary but you can do all the minor repairs in most homes for less than $500.

Repaint with Neutral Colors: You may like bright pink or dark purple colors on your walls but most of your buyers will not. Putting a fresh coat of paint on at selling time is always a good idea and if you do it yourself, the only cost will be to buy the paint. However, make sure the colors you use are neutral such as off-white or creamy colors. These colors will be appealing to the most number of buyers and a fresh coat of paint will give prospects the feeling of a newer home interior.

Remove the Clutter: Buyers want to visualize what their stuff will look like in your home. This is difficult to do when you have excess furniture and lots of personal items such as pictures and posters. Remove as much of the furnishings as possible and leave only items that blend well with your neutral color scheme. If you have room, store your excess belongings in your garage. Another option is to invest a couple hundred dollars in a storage unit to keep your stuff while the home sale is in progress.

Home improvement project do not have to cost a lot of money. With the right plan, you can improve the look and feel of your home using a small budget. Home improvement projects are necessary so follow these steps to spruce up your home while being fiscally responsible.


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