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Is Travel Insurance Worth Buying?

You work hard to save for your vacations, so it’s not an unrealistic question whether or not to insure your investment, right?  Keep in mind, there are a few different types of travel insurance you can purchase and I will share my thoughts on them. Trip Cancellation Insurance If you have spent lots of money […]

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Your 401k’s Dirty Little Secrets

If you have a 401k, I commend you for taking steps towards your retirement but it’s important that you have a understanding of the downsides of a 401k plan.  First, I will talk about the upsides: 1. If your employer is matching your 401k, that is huge. It’s basically free money and I say collect […]

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Benefits of a Legal Service Plan

Do you have a lawyer you can call to ask a question about any legal matter you encounter? I do and I pay less than $1 per day for that privilege through my legal service plan.  In fact, I don’t just have a lawyer, I have a team of lawyers at a major local law […]

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